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At Pro-Type Industries, we provide complete manufacturing solutions to defense and commercial customers. Our service offerings include sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, and finishing. These capabilities, combined with our over five decades of industry experience and state-of-the-art facility, allow us to accommodate a wide range of metalworking needs. Below we outline some of the industries we serve.

Aerospace & Aviation

Industries Overview

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The aerospace and aviation industries rely on experienced and knowledgeable metalworking companies to manufacture a variety of aircraft and spacecraft components, ranging from enclosures and housings to equipment frames to mechanical assemblies. Given the critical nature of many aerospace and aviation applications, the components produced must meet or exceed high standards for precision, accuracy, durability, reliability, and quality. Otherwise, they may fail during an operation, which, depending on the application, can have catastrophic consequences.

At Pro-Type Industries, our precision sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining capabilities provide the level of precision and accuracy needed to produce high-quality components that fully comply with the indicated specifications. Additionally, these manufacturing methods are highly versatile, allowing us to accommodate numerous designs and materials. As a result, we can produce custom-tailored components for highly specific or unique applications rapidly and with little to no custom tooling costs.

Federal Government & Military

Similar to aerospace and aviation companies, government and military organizations are subject to strict part and product quality standards. The components used in government and military equipment must be verified for form, fit, and function to ensure user safety and prevent unintentional casualties.

For this reason, many government and military contractors turn to us for their metal component needs. Our precision sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining capabilities enable us to create high-precision, high-accuracy parts and products. We accommodate a variety of metallic and non-metallic substrates, part and product designs, and production volumes, ensuring we can provide an appropriate manufacturing solution for virtually any government or military project.

Electronics & Technology

Electronic technologies contain numerous unique components and component assemblies. In high-tech electronic devices (e.g., computers), they are carefully designed and built to perform exacting functions. As such, their manufacturing operations must abide by high precision and accuracy standards to ensure they perform correctly and reliably.

Some of the electronic components commonly manufactured in sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining operations include:

  • Hardware components such as couplers, pins, and screws
  • Mechanical components such as crankshafts, gears, rollers, and shafts
  • Structural components such as chassis, enclosures, and housings
  • Thermal components such as heat sinks

Consumer Products

The consumer products industry encompasses a wide range of products that make life easier and more enjoyable, such as appliances, childcare supplies, office furnishing, sporting goods, and toys. Many of the parts, components and assemblies found in these products are made in sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining operations. The processes allow part manufacturers to create precise and accurate pieces in small and large quantities, ensuring product manufacturers have what they need to produce enough product to meet customer demand.

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At Pro-Type Industries, we specialize in providing precision sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, and finishing services. While the majority of our clientele comes from the aerospace and aviation, government and military, electronics, and consumer product sectors, we can accommodate the needs of various other industries.

To learn more about our service offerings or discuss your next project with one of our experts, contact us today.