Facility and Capabilities

Pro-Type Facility

Solutions: front to back, or back to front!

We’re flexible. Some of our clients come to us with engineering files, and we faithfully reproduce it. Others come with a set of specs and requirements, and we develop a solution and output drawings. We can also scan the part with our CMM (coordinate measuring machine) and use that dimensional data to create CAD files we can work from. We can then output Autocad drawing files, Solid Works drawings/models or paper copies if files are not required—it is up to the customer.


Inspection is accomplished by a 6-axis CMM Faro Laser Arm and Probe, multi-axis vision machine, and full time inspectors. All work is tracked and tagged before shipment. As a matter of fact, sometimes all we have is a solid model–we fabricate or machine the parts from the model, then our final inspection is to check the part against the customer supplied model. A printout of dimensional inspection data is available.

ISO 9001-2015 registered with BSI–one of the most respected and stringent registration organizations in the industry. Certificate # FM 96437

Part Processing in Facility

Facilities List

Precision fabrication:

  • (1) CNC turret punch–largest can punch a 48″ x 144″ sheet
  • CNC forming to 10 ft / 137 ton capacity
  • (2) CNC Lasers cutting 5′ x 10′ shts max– shim stock thickness thru 1″ thick steel, 1/2″ alum and 3/4″ Stainless–also a number of plastics/acrylics–lightning fast, newest technology
  • (4) Hardware presses for PEM/ insert style hwr insertion–(3) have autofeed
  • (6) MIG and TIG welding stations w/ MIL-SPEC certified welders
  • 440 gal iridite/chem film tanks
  • 15 ton crane and welding/assy bay
  • Dedicated inspection w/ a CMM and vision machine — ISO 9001-2015 registered
Precision Machining

Precision Machining:

  • (6) CNC mills–Vertical with travels to 64″ x 32″ x 25″
  • Verticals with multiple pallets for efficient production
  • Horizontal 32″ cube work envelope w/ multiple pallets for high speed production
  • Large 8′ w x 8′ h x 20′ d batch oven for baking powdercoated parts
  • (1) CNC lathe–with auto barfeed for “lights off” processing
  • Over a dozen manual mills and lathes for prototype work
  • Painting– (3) booths for powdercoat, enamels and epoxies
  • Silkscreens and screening services–can create “art/film from file” w/i minutes
  • Over 30,000 sq ft of production space, in business since 1969.
  • Utilizing latest CAD/CAM softwares–SolidWorks Mastercam, AutoCAD. We strive to go from “file to part” (.dwg, .dxf, .stp, .igs, etc) as quickly as possible.
  • Huge 50″ wide Steelmaster grainer / deburring machines–We can process / grain 48″ wide material for our customers

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